Yesterday Tulle…. Today Beads… tomorrow…. the world!

Hi Friends, the last few days have been SOOOOO BUSY! I am a tad upset at myself for not blogging yesterday, but the tutu took over and I was covered in tulle from head to toe until the weeee hours, but the birthday bonanza outfit is coming out pretty darn cute 🙂 Just a few finishing touches and it will be on it’s way to Mommys Craft Obsession to be reviewed and put up for a giveaway!  

Here’s a sneak peek 🙂



On another Fantastic note Beth and I met and we have decided to merge and make Bits & C a priority as partners and move forward with equal shares in all areas! We are both very excited to see where this will take us and have hopes of making it our full time gig within the next few years! I know if anyone can do this and do it well, it’s us 🙂 

Tonight, my husband had “Guys Night,” which he and his friends play their nerd games and podcast throughout (check them out at “Geek Dads! Podcast” if that’s your thing.) My sis took E for a bit which gave me sometime to make a few bauble rings for “Bauble by Bit” and I must say, I love them! I have made these in the past, but it’s been a while. I think they turned out pretty awesome 🙂


Tomorrow night I will be hopefully making a hairbow for my birthday outfit then working on some formal tees and onesies 🙂 stay posted!

Happy Crafting 

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Red bead, Silver bead, Blue bead…. ohhhhh my :/

For tonight’s project I made a lanyard for a co-worker of mine. We have to wear our badge, classroom keys, etc., so having something fun to wear it on is a necessity! Insert me 🙂 I of course jump on the task of creating this for her! I have made bauble rings in the past, so a lanyard… ahhh no biggie…. ummmmm wrong! Anyone who has  worked with beads knows what I am talking about, so not an easy thing to work with.  Lets just say making symmetrical jewelry with a perfectionist personality is not the best mix! I think in the end, it turned out pretty darn fab, but I won’t be jumping on the bead lanyard market any time soon 🙂  Image

Happy Crafting!

Lisa 🙂

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