Tutu Craziness

I finally completed the cupcake birthday onesie yesterday so today I began the tutu! This tutu is quite the mix of color; pink, green, yellow and purple! The perfect pop of color for a little girls first birthday! If you have made a tutu, you know you’re up to your ears in tulle :/ so after cutting four yards this is what I had to work with! Plus a patient husband in the background 🙂



One can only spend so much time before going tutully crazy so I didn’t get finished. Here’s the start… this pic doesn’t look so great but, it’s definitely coming together!


(Yes, that’s a pot… perfect holder for tutu in the making) 🙂 


It will be finished within the next few days, so check back for the progress! When this is complete the matching hair bow will be next 🙂 

I am off to bed, I have a full day of teaching tomorrow and obviously tutu making in the evening 🙂 

Happy Crafting 

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