Red bead, Silver bead, Blue bead…. ohhhhh my :/

For tonight’s project I made a lanyard for a co-worker of mine. We have to wear our badge, classroom keys, etc., so having something fun to wear it on is a necessity! Insert me 🙂 I of course jump on the task of creating this for her! I have made bauble rings in the past, so a lanyard… ahhh no biggie…. ummmmm wrong! Anyone who has  worked with beads knows what I am talking about, so not an easy thing to work with.  Lets just say making symmetrical jewelry with a perfectionist personality is not the best mix! I think in the end, it turned out pretty darn fab, but I won’t be jumping on the bead lanyard market any time soon 🙂  Image

Happy Crafting!

Lisa 🙂

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