Who’s Behind Bits & C?

Bits & C is a labor of love from a family who has crafting running through their blood. Heading Bits & C, is Lisa and Beth, two women who work in the education field during the day and in our craft corners at night! We came together with a joint love of making items that others can enjoy.

Lisa focuses is on accessorizing everyone from the itty bittiest baby to the grown adult. She absolutely loves it all! Lisa started out making infinity scarves and hair bows, then came to realize there is so much more out there she could and should create. So, she pretty much trys to make anything that pops in her head, she sees, or someone asks for! She will try anything! After E goes down at 8, it’s me in my craft corner with the sewing machine and all the other fun items that come along with that territory.

Beth is what we call the home decor creator of awesomeness. She is big into burlap and chevron, and makes amazing items that accentuate your home! She also began doing this out of the curiosity of creating for her own family and within that venture she fell in love with the craft. She is amazing at making personalized items that you will not find anywhere else! If you can dream it, she can make it come true.

Mary and Cathy are the Momo and Grandma of the group. They are the true meaning of crafters (I will have to post a picture of their basements some time! LOL). Mary, creates anything from large wall vinyl’s to kids tee-shirts. She pretty much can cover all bases. Cathy is the crocheting genius and can create anything with a pattern 🙂

We can personalize each of your gifts to your specific needs, private message us to let us know what you want and we will make it happen!

Follow along as we get inspired, create, and hopefully inspire others to just give it a whirl!

Happy Crafting! 🙂

Lisa & Beth

Check out all of the awesomeness on our Facebook Page!


Etsy Shop (this is a work in progress!)



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